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The Athletics Results Database Of All The Major Athletics Events


The athletics results database focuses in providing track and field results on every major competition in athletics that takes place all over the world. The athletics also known as track and field - although track and field is a subset of the athletics - is the oldest sport in the world and also the king of the olympic games getting the most interest of the spectators of every olympics.

The addition of new international competitions all over the world gave a greater boost to the athletics providing stronger competitions and better results.

The first major competition where athletics took place were the olympics started at the 1896 in Athens. Then there was the commonwealth games at 1930, the european championships in athletics started at 1934, the meditterenean games at 1951 and the european cup former known as Bruno Zauli started at 1965. In 1970 we had the first european indoor championships in athletics, followed by the world indoor championships in athletics in 1985. Also in 1977 IAAF introduced the world cup and in 1983 the IAAF world championships concludes all the major competitions for which our goal is to provide accurate and comprehensive athletics results from their beginning until today.

These results will show the progress that athletics had during the years and the level of competition of the events. Also by having a thorough investigation you can find out other important aspects of these athletics results like the tradition that countries developed for specific events during the years due to climatic conditions or special training, the effects of injury problems in athlete's career and how many years is athlete's top form. Finally by observing the results of an athlete during different championships you can check out in which periods they were trying to achieve their best form.

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